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Open air summer event in Dunaujvaros, Hungary

Erstellt von WKF head office am Sonntag 28. August 2016

49473WKF HUNGARY president Mr. Istvan ROZMAN report about last great open air event in the city Dunaujvaros.

Many photos here in the gallery !

More than 3.000 (!) people rings side, live TV and five nations participated on the show. Hungary, Austria, Uganda, Slovakia, Turkey. First time in the history was 3 Ugandan fighter on the same show for pro fights.

All 3 WKF title fights was on the TV and the TV team was very happy with this show,  “… best event in last 5 Years …” they said.

The show was started with 2 national pro boxing match and after was ‘only’ 11 K-1 fights.

The first international fight is started a WKF  PRO-AM am international title fight between the home boy David SZAPPANOS (Sukothai Team, Dunaujvaros, Hungary) and Sado UCAR (Turkey) in Middleweight – 75 kg/165 lbs.

The fight was a real war in the ring. David started well and won the first 2 rounds and unfortunately he got a foot injured on the 3rd round, but he continuing, but the referee was counted him cos of the injured 2 times and finally the corner stopped the fight in the 4th round. Bad luck and the winner and the new international PRO-AM K-1 champion is Sado Ucar.

Next title fight on the show:



After the Slovakian Viktoria LIPIANSKA from Bratislava challenged the famous best African lady from Uganda, Kampala. Patricia APOLOT the Black Pearl is currently 2 times international champion and the number one of the pro World rankings. The fight was for the vacant pro Intercontinental title in K-1 in Lightweight – 60 Kg/132 lbs.



This was a world class amazon fights, what we don’t see too much time on any show. The warriors both want to take the belt. The Slovakian lady tried to stop and to destroy the African lady, but she can’t and got a lot of punch to the head and also kicks. But she was stand and don’t gave up. After 5 tough rounds , where the Ugandan black pearl won all rounds the winner and the new Intercontinental Champion is Patricia Apolot and she took the new belt.

The nexted international fight was between the Hungarian Sandor JOO and the Ugandan Mubiru SHAKEY in 3×3 min. This fight was same like where the fighters fight for the life. Finally the winner was Mubiru Shakey from Uganda by 3:0.

After Martin ORSULIAK from Slovakia fought against Gergely BUSAI from Hungary in 3×3 min.
This fight was finished in the first round by TKO. Busai knock out the Slovakian with the low-kicks and won by TKO.

In the 3rd title fight the Hungarian Csaba GYÖRFI (Sukothai Team, Dunaújváros) challenged the International Champion Alex MATSIKO from Kampala in Uganda for the title in Light middleweight – 72,30 Kg / 159 lbs.

The first class level fight was the real battle in the ring , the 3.000 people saw an attractive and hard fight. The champion want to stop the Hungarian hero, but his defense was perfect and in the second round Györfi knocked out the Ugandan champion. First with the knee, following by a big punch, and so he took the title from the Ugandan fighter. The new International champion is Csaba Győrfi.

In the final fight home-town boy and local hero Balint MUSKOTALY (Sukothai Team, Dunaújvaros) fought after 6 year stop with an Austrian fighter in 3×3 min.

After a hard fight and 2 more counting the referee stopped the fight and the winner again after 6 year pause is Balint Muskotaly.