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Shihan Abdullah BAYETT hold next seminar in Vienna, Austria

Erstellt von WKF head office am Mittwoch 18. Februar 2015

2014.02.26  Poster BAYETT SEMI_01Shihan Abullah BAYETT from our WKF SOUTH AFRICA team is an international acknowledged expert in point fighting / semi contact. In Prague he won the World title against the German Champion after a tough but fair battle.

BAYETT Abdullah_RSA_xBecause of that WKF World director / CEO Mr. Fritz EXENBERGER had a meeting with him and he appointed our new WKF AFRICA continental director for point fighting.

PPF World president Mr. Alfredo SUAREZ from Venezuela wanted him also in the board of World directors an so Mr. Bayett called in the board of directors of WKF head office. He became new PPF World Vice-president.

With our WKF AFRICA continental director Mr. Mark HEY from WKF SOUTH AFRICA and our middle east director from WKF EGYPT Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI, now Shihan Abdullah BAYETT is our third African member in the board of directors from WKF world body.

WKF AFRICA logoHis first aim is to develop point fighting or Semi contact on the African continent.

For any request in point fighting and to develop PPF in your Gym, contact today our PPF African continental director and World Vice president by MAIL. Shihan BAYETT from South Africa could be required for a seminar in your  Gym.

On invitation of WKF AUSTRIA and World famous Octagon pro Gym in Vienna he hold next Seminar on February 26th. This is first of many already fixed PPF seminars of Mr. Bayett. In order to give everyone the opportunity to learn from Shihan Bayett this seminar is open to everybody, who want to improve in semi contact, start at 6pm.

Invitaton in German language is here


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