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Gyula SIPOS new PRO-AM European Champion

Erstellt von WKF head office am Dienstag 17. Dezember 2013

Sipos_RozmanWKF HUNGARY president Mr. Istvan ROZMAN promoted last title fight in Elöszallas for this Year.

PRO-AM European title in Cruiserweight – 86 Kg in low kick between Hungarian Gyula SIPOS vs. Croatian Andrija KOZJAK.

Winner of this but was Gyula SIPOS, because after a nice body punch Kozjak get injured.

More and more international promoters are seriously interested to promote any  PRO-AM title  because this is a nice highlight on any show, and both fighters are still amateurs.

The fee is fair enough and the minimum title fight requirements are the same like in other pro title fights.